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    • Purchases
    • Manage supplier and customer accounts
    • Management of materials and warehouses
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  • Tables
    • Provide table management with your restaurant’s layout
    • Create a faster billing process for both the staff and customer
    • Accept multiple types of payment for orders
    • Making detailed reports about sales and expenses
    • Integrations with online ordering and reservation software

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    • What do customers really worry about?
    • What problems do they face?
    • What kind of problems are these?
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Who We Are

We are a company specialized in the production of software of all kinds, whether desktop, web or mobile applications, our goal is to provide software products that meet your needs and are compatible with the latest technologies as top professional level as possible.

We believe that software is an essential part of the development process of society and institutions in its diversity (industrial, commercial, service, charitable). Therefore, although we focus on the software industry as a core business, we are always working to make it compatible with the domain that software serve it, also Minimize its shortcomings through a thorough study in which we use the expertise and competencies in the fields in which we manufacture programs for them.

Because we consider ourselves partners to the community and to our clients in their quest for development and prosperity, we at Z Soft are happy to offer advice and help to all who ask us. Our policy can be summarized in the following sentence:
(Lend a hand to all), because we believe that the prosperity of your business and your projects is our duty and our goal.

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